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Lesma Programming Language

Lesma is a compiled, statically typed, imperative and object oriented programming language with a focus on expressiveness, elegancy, and simplicity, while not sacrificing on performance. The compiler is written in Python using LLVM as a backend.


  • it's fast, because it should be so, together with LLVM's state of the art optimizations, but it won't ever oblige you to make an extra effort from your side just for the sake of performance
  • it's compiled both AOT and JIT, so you can finally decide if you just want to run it or compile it and distribute your project without dependencies, and because binary size also matters, a Hello World example would be around 8kb
  • it's statically typed so you don't need to guess the type of the variable if your coworker didn't spend the time to use meaningful names and you can make use of compile-time checks, autocomplete and more
  • it's simple and expressive because the code should be easily readable and it shouldn't make you guess what it does


  • Python
  • Swift
  • Typescript
  • Lua